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This is the homepage of Hannu and Teija Martikka.
These pages contain various bits and pieces of information (mostly useless :) about us and our interests.

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Martikka is an old South-Carelian (South-East corner of Finland) surname. Records of Martikka-family can be found in churchbooks from beginning of 18th century (first traces can be found as early as from mid 16th century).
Currently most of us still live in Imatra-Joutseno-Lappeeenranta area, but there are few of us in capital area too...
Even thou the family-name is relatively rare - only about 100 of us according Finnish population records - not all of us are directly related to each other.

We're both from South-eastern corner of Finland (Southern-Carelia / Kymi).
We met at University, got married in 1992 and graduted (MSc in Computer Science) from Lappeenrata University of Technology.
We're now living and working in Helsinki metropolitan area (in Kirkkonummi).

More information is in Finnish side...

- Hannu & Teija Martikka

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Here we have links to other members of our families.

Heikki Martikka (Hannu's father)


Hannu's "other" pages at goodi.org.

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08.02.2007 - Misc updates here and there...


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